Our Catalyst Products

  • Oxidation Catalyst

    Oxidation Catalyst

    Our oxidation catalyst modules and pre-engineered packages are the cost effective way to eliminate or reduce carbon monoxide and unburned hydrocarbon emissions.

  • Diesel Catalyst

    Metal Diesel Catalyst

    Our high quality diesel catalytic converters (diesel exhaust gas purifiers) are designed and specially formulated to remove or reduce the harmful components while keeping pressure drop to a minimum.

  • Diesel Particulate Filter

    Diesel Particulate Filter

    Our diesel engine exhaust particulate filters (soot filters) utilize ceramic (cordierite) wall-flow filter elements to capture particulate matter from mobile and stationary diesel engines.

  • Exhaust Silencers

    Catalytic Muffler Silencer

    We combine our high quality catalyst products and particulate filters with a wide range of exhaust silencers (mufflers) to bring state of the art air and noise emissions compliance into one integrated package.

  • Who We Are

    Supplying the highest quality precious metal and base metal emissions control catalyst products from production facilities in the USA. Whether you are looking for a single catalytic converter..

  • What We Do

    In addition to our high quality catalyst products, and working together with our partner companies, we are commited to providing a comprehensive package of professional services..

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